As you might expect as Tree Surgeons, we take Health and Safety very seriously here at Longacre. We always carry out site-specific risk assessments before we start work on any job and ensure that our staff are highly trained to carry out the risky jobs that we do.
All of our climbing equipment is certificated by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations body “LOLER” and all of our staff are trained to use the equipment needed for the work that we carry out.
We also carry out regular “tool box talks” or informal safety meetings for our staff. Our staff also have extra Forestry First Aid Training specifically for our industry and the equipment that we use.
As you would expect at the moment, we are also carrying out extra Health and Safety regulations.
Luckily, it’s pretty easy for us to socially distance up a tree, but we are also carrying extra protective equipment to use as and when we need it.
If you have troublesome trees or hedges on your property then we’re happy to come and take a look and see if we can help!