Imagine trying to remove a tree on your property for years, but not being able to because you can’t find a tree company to take on such a difficult job. This was the predicament of our clients who had a huge black Italian poplar tree which was causing subsidence to the houses around it. Even trickier, it was in a location where there was limited access to the garden.


Another challenge was the large drop zone to lower debris on one side, but very little drop zone on the other, so everything had to be carefully orchestrated whilst we were working. This job was around 3 months in the planning with the client and we planned two weeks to fell the tree as we had to take everything we removed through a nearby communal hallway of some flats behind.


We also alternated the climbers on this job as the tree was so big. Gary, Olly and Karl all took turns climbing the tree and bringing it down safely. A site specific risk assessment was written and explained every day and at least one, normally 2 NPTC Ariel rescue qualified members of staff were on the ground every day just in case of an accident as it was such a tricky job.


Have a watch of the video which takes you through the job and how it progressed.