When you are a keen Artist and Art Collector, you don’t want an untamed tree getting in the way of your Art Studio and expensive Art sculptures!

We were called to prune this huge Lime Tree, in a garden which had been given a lot of care and attention and where the client is enjoying displaying sculptures as a feature in the garden.

We were instructed to prune the tree by a well known garden company, who trusted us to deliver a perfect job for their client.

We had to seek permissions from the local council first and once granted, we set to work pruning the Lime Tree, leaving nice growth points for a new frame.

We also worked around the art studio underneath the tree, and the sculptures, with care and attention to leave the garden just as we found it, but with a nicely pruned tree too!

The customer was very happy with the work done and the garden company who were instructed by, were glad that we had done a great job for their client, so all in all another win-win!

We’d love to help you maintain the trees on your property, so for any tree enquiries, please give us a call!