Did you know that we all depend on healthy ecosystems of interaction between plants, animals, people and out surroundings for our survival.

Did you also know that 4.7 million hectares of trees, natural habitats and forests are lost every year across the world? Less trees on the planet raises greenhouse gas emissions and also reduces natural habitats for wildlife.

At Longacre Tree Services, although we often talk about cutting down trees and reducing them to keep them healthy, did you know that for every tree we cut down, we always endeavour to plant another either ourselves or through our sister company Longacre Garden Services as we know how important it is to have new trees growing to replace those which are removed.

We also often advocate for our clients to create monoliths from dead trees to sustain the environment for wildlife rather than losing the tree altogether, and we will always try to keep a tree healthy and save it before removing.

All of this ensures that we do our little bit to be caretakers of our environment for future generations.

This month, we would love to encourage you to plant a tree in the next year on your property.

This is a great way to teach children about their environment and let them watch the tree grow as they grow,and you will be doing your little bit to help the environment too!