We love to work in collaboration with other Landscaping companies and so we thought we would share some pictures of a job we recently completed through a large landscaping company that we do some work for. The job was for Birmingham City Council and so we spent some time up near Birmingham doing the work.

The company we partnered with are currently in the process of landscaping the area and planting some new trees.

Anyone who knows Birmingham will know that public transport is vital for keeping the city going and there is a multitude of Buses which run round the clock. We needed to be able to make sure that the trees didn’t block the bus driver’s view, so that they could see the pedestrians when coming round the bend.

So we removed some of these “Plane trees” as they are known because they were in poor health and also blocked the view for Buses. We also cut and tidied up the hedges so that they looked neat and pleasing to the eye for pedestrians and drivers when they are moving around the town.

So as you can see at Longacre we can take on smaller one-off jobs, and we can also take care of the larger work now, either working independently or in collaboration with other companies.

We’re always happy to discuss any tree or hedge work that we may be able to assist with!