We know that schools often get grumbles from neighbouring properties thanks to parents parking, traffic around schools and a variety of other concerns, so it’s always nice to be able to do something to help keep neighbourly relations as smooth as possible for our clients in education.

We recently carried out some work for a Private School in Watford.  The residents on the road where the school is located had been complaining that the trees on the school’s property were overhanging the road and their cars.

In some places, the trees had grown right over to the middle of the road and so of course we wanted to help remedy this to make the area safer for all and the trees healthier too.

Upon surveying the area, we realised that we were dealing with a lot of phone lines close to the trees and so we created a plan to safely remove the overhanging trees using a 21m Cherry Picker which all of our staff are trained to use.

To achieve this, we placed “No Parking” warning signs out a week before the works started to let residents know that the work was due to be carried out.

On the day of the job we worked on the trees to ensure that they were all cut back evenly, to sufficient growth points, ensuring that they didn’t look unbalanced. We carried out the job without any damage to the surrounding cars and phone lines and the school were happy with the work carried out, as were the neighbours!

The area is once again safer for passing foot traffic, vehicles and residents and the trees are looking great too!

If you are run a public building, educational establishment or commercial buildings and have trees on your property which require maintenance then why not give us a call on  01992 475965.