One of the things that we like to think sets us apart at Longacre, is that we are experts in our field and we are able to take on jobs which other tree surgeons turn down.

Where one company says no, we will always find a way to make the job work, using our experience and expertise to do so.

There is literally no job too big or small for us.

We recently got a call from a Property Management company in Hampstead, asking for our help with a black Italian poplar tree situated in the small garden of a block of flats.

The tree had become really overgrown and was out of control for the plot it was situated in and badly needed pruning and cutting back to a reasonable size.

Seven companies had been out to quote on this job and all of them had turned it down due to it being a really big job and not something that they were willing to take on.

This was not because of the size of the tree, but because of the limited amount of space that was available to work with, and all of the buildings which surrounded the tree.

You see, the tree had gotten far too big for the plot, and it was going to take a really strategic plan to remove it without causing damage or danger.

At Longacre we believe that any job is possible, if it’s managed in the right way, and so we saw the challenge of reducing this tree, as a challenge that we wanted to undertake.

So, we provided a quote to the Property Management company and came up with a plan to remove the tree.

The garden where was tree was situated was tiny – only around 80-100 square metres and it was in the middle of a block of flats, so first, we had to work out how to get all of our equipment into the site.

The tree was only around four metres from the block flats, but the branches were around 8 metres in length, so there was not a lot of room to land all of these branches below, in order to reduce the size of the tree. However, we came up with a detailed plan that we thought could work…

Slow and steady wins the race and so we our team of four men spent around four days pruning the tree back to an acceptable size.

Added to this, the tree was so close to the building that we also had to make sure the new growth from the tree was still higher than the roofs of the flats, as otherwise it could start causing damage.

To do this, we gave the tree a new crown to sprout from by leaving long leaders (vertical stems) growing from the old pollard (pruning) points. The result, a healthy, happy tree, which was no longer causing concern to the buildings or occupants around it.

Our client, (the property management company), was so thankful to our staff for carrying out this job with precise expertise.

As we said previously, seven other tree companies had already turned this job down, so the fact that we were able to complete it demonstrates our expertise in this field and we have to say, made us pretty happy too!

We are always happy to speak with residential and commercial property owners, property maintenance companies and local councils to discuss how we can help you maintain your trees, so if you have trees and bushes which you are looking after and would like an expert company on hand to assist, then why not give us a call!