Sometimes it’s hard to fathom the amount of years a tree has been standing, and the amount of history which has happened around it. This is what makes it bitter sweet, once it has sadly passed its time on earth and it’s time to remove what from the untrained eye could be seen as a beautiful, breathtaking structure, which looks like it could easily stay in situ for years to come.

In January 2020, after 3-4 months of going through planning with the local council to get permission to proceed, we undertook a job for a client in Haringey who had a dead 150-200 year old Beech tree on their property. Dead trees can stop producing leaves and their bark becomes brittle. The structure also becomes weakened, meaning that they are easily susceptible to damage from weather conditions and can easily fall and cause damage. In this case, the Beech Tree has shed a large “limb” (branch) last year, forcing the client to have it removed.

Having stood for 150-200 years, it would take up a number of days to take the tree down and get it out of the ground.


Here are our videos from Day One. Take a look at the preparation for the job, our tree surgeons climbing and preparing to remove the top branches:




Once the tree had been climbed, the work of sawing began to remove the branches, with the pulleys and slings being used to control the removal of the branches. On day one, four tons of wood was removed from the crown (top) of the tree using our specialist rigging equipment and qualified staff, with more to follow in the following days.

Some pictures from Day One:

Day Two Onwards

Here we are on Day Two of the job, setting up and preparing to fell the tree after removing the branches from the “head” of the tree.



Due to the size and location of the tree the client agreed for us to fell the tree into this gap rather than using a crane as it would have proved tricky to be able to remove the tree from where it had grown, given all of the obstacles around it.

Our expert Tree Surgeons start to chainsaw through the base of the trunk….


Our hearts were pumping the whole time as the tree was surrounded by listed walls (which you can see in the photo below) and it only had one way to land, so we were very glad when the tree landed in the spot we had planned for it to land in. From our point of view, this job couldn’t have gone any betterĀ .

This is one of the larger jobs that we would undertake, but it was a fantastic job which demonstrated that we can handle all jobs which come to us, whether large or small!

If you have a tree on your property which you feel would benefit from some care, reduction or even removal then please do get in touch as we’re always happy to conduct an initial tree survey in the first instance. Call us onĀ 07736 933530.