At Longacre Tree Surgery we carry out work for both domestic and commercial clients and enjoy working on trees which are surrounded by both residential and commercial buildings.

Recently we carried out a very important job for a local Housing Association that we work for.  The job was in a very busy area of Welwyn, and was one that we particularly loved doing.

Last year, the Oak tree sadly lost a huge “Limb” or “branch” and so the council had ordered the housing association to remove some weight from the “crown” of the tree.

The request was to reduce and prune the “crown” or the “head” of the tree as it was over a road and also starting to encroach onto nearby properties.  We had to make sure that the tree looked good and was pruned properly as the tree is of historical significance to the area and is prominently known by local residents who care about it’s upkeep, so we also took some weight out of the side to give it a better shape.

In order to win the work, we had to have a meeting with the Arboricultural office at Welwyn Council and then devise a plan of what the tree should look like after pruning, vs before. We sent our method statement and risk assessments off and once we received authorisation we were able to set about pruning the tree.

Take a look at the video below which shows us getting ready to start the job!

On the day of work, would you believe that it took almost four hours to climb around the tree and carry out the work that we needed to!

The photos below show our amazing team carrying out the work and then the freshly pruned tree in the last pictures.

If you have trees on your property that you would like assessed, or are considering having work carried out on, then we’d love to help, so why not get in touch!