Some of our tree work requires a bit more planning than other work and this was a job which required quite a bit of pre-thought!

The brief was to reduce an acacia and a sycamore tree at a residential property. We were reducing the trees as they had got out of hand and were overhanging the road and neighbouring properties.

Originally, we were due to remove the ivy around the tree also, but as we were close to bird nesting season, we didn’t want to take any chances of birds already nesting in the trees.

We are always very careful to ensure that we pay attention to regulations and guidelines around nesting season and so we had actually climbed the trees the week before and had a look to see whether birds were nesting. There were not actually any bird nests in the trees, but just in case we had missed something, we decided to kill the ivy by removing a section around the base of the tree and let the birds have a home for this year. With the client’s agreement, we will wait until winter to remove the ivy.

Here you can see the duration of the job from start to finish through the different photos.

In addition to reducing the trees, as they were on a residential road, we also had to consider the cars, pedestrians and traffic travelling around the tree whilst we carried out the work and so as you can see from our videos, we set out traffic to ensure vehicles were able to travel down the road safely and not be affected by the work we were carrying out.

Here are our guys working up the tree and removing the branches as they go.


We’re pretty pleased with the drone footage we were able to shoot of this job, showing you exactly what the view is like from so far up a tree!



We absolutely loved this job even though it was a long hard day. There’s nothing like knowing that we’re walking away having helped the tree to be healthier, and safer for those moving around it.