At Longacre Tree Surgery we normally advise that when you have a Tree cut down, the Tree Stump is removed.

It’s a little-known fact that a leftover tree stump in the ground can often create a whole host of problems that you weren’t expecting in your garden and this can often turn out to be more costly than simply having it removed in the first place.

It can be tempting to chop down a tree and leave the tree stump, but here are some reasons to ensure that if you are having trees removed then tree stumps are removed also.

Tree Stumps can become a Trip Hazard

It’s easy for Tree Stumps to hide away in the snow or long grass, so as they start to decay and erode, they can quickly become a physical hazard within your garden or in the grounds of your property especially after dark, or in bad weather.

This could easily end up with someone having an unwelcome accident. From a small to a grazed knee, to as big to as a serious break or injury, this is definitely something that most people want to avoid and removing the tree stump completely can avoid this.

A Haven for Creepy Crawlies and Fungus

Tree stumps can quickly become a home to unwanted insects and fungus. As the deadwood decays, environments such as this become a veritable foraging ground for insects to make their homes. Other pests can also find an ideal home in this kind of environment, as can fungus which can be poisonous to humans.

Damage Caused to Machinery

If you are a keen gardener who loves to move around the garden with lawn mowers and other kinds of garden machinery then a forgotten tree stump can cause damage to your lawnmower and other garden machinery. Tree Stumps are not kind to garden machinery as you try and negotiate them around them, so you need to be careful if there are tree stumps when looking after your garden.

Impact on Property Sales

Left unattended over the years, garden tree stumps can also cause an issue when you come to look at selling your property as Surveyors will typically look at damage caused by root systems including tree stumps. There is a lot of damage that can be done before the tree stumps finally run out of Nutrients, so it’s important to take this into account when deciding whether to leave a tree stump in situ or not.

Impact on Garden Maintenance

Mowing, Weeding and Landscaping are all made harder with the addition of a tree stump.

This can be especially true for gardeners who are older, having trouble with physical work or inexperienced and knowing how to work around this kind of concern.

Tree stumps in the garden can also be a hazard to your other existing trees and shrubs as these could be taking nutrients from newly planted arrangements and soils and you wouldn’t know anything about it.

Leftover Tree stumps can also inhibit new garden landscaping. For example, if you are hoping to lay turf, then evening the ground can be harder with a tree stump in the mix.

Space Takers

Tree stumps can take a precious valuable space. Many of us don’t have a huge round of those days and save a space taken up by entrance door could be better used as another valuable commodity in the garden for example this could be utilised for a children’s play area, garden dining table or even as a flowerbed, those precious few feet that your old tree stump is taking up all of the difference.

At Longacre we are always keen to provide quotes for tree removal which include tree stump removal if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us about removing tree stumps around your property then please do feel free to give us a call.