Storm Damaged Trees

With multiple roads closed and rail lines shut down the morning after storm David hit our part of the UK in January, it’s been all hands on deck for the team at Longacre Tree Surgery. We’ve been out to multiple residential properties with storm damaged trees. We have also been out to a number of our corporate clients as well this week, ensuring that their trees were intact and importantly safe for the general public who walk under them every day.

In many cases, all has been well, especially where we survey and maintain the trees on a regular basis. In some cases, we have recommended a general thinning of the tree crown to allow the wind to pass through more easily, which reduces not only the chance of broken branches but also significantly reduces the lateral load on the tree trunk and root system in very high winds.

Careful maintenance of large trees is especially important for our corporate clients as the potential for loss and damages should something unforeseen happen is so much greater. Time after time we see the benefits of regular and inexpensive survey and maintenance work when the weather turns nasty. Taking stock of the trees you have on your property on the property you manage can mean the difference between being prepared when storms and high winds hit and being on the wrong end of a lawsuit or claim for damages. More importantly, though, you will know you’ve done everything you can to protect the general public from the potential dangers ofstorm damaged trees.

Tree Surveys and Maintenance

At Longacre Tree Surgery we are now offering specialist tree survey and maintenance contracts for our corporate customers and private customers with large numbers of trees on their grounds. We undertake regular surveys, (both visual and climbed) to ensure all is well with your trees and we then create a programme of planned maintenance.

If you would like to talk to us about storm damaged trees on your property or a property that you manage, we’d love to help and offer a completely free first consultation where we can come and talk to you onsite and potentially identify any problem trees.

Talk to Martin our tree specialist today on 07736 933 530