Winter tree maintenance tips

Trees are dormant during the winter months, and they’re not protected from the elements. Trees still experience the raw intensity of the cold weather, and these conditions can be stressful, especially for newly-planted or young trees that lack mature defence mechanisms such as wide root systems, or thick bark. Learn our top winter tree maintenance tips to help your trees survive the next few months and thrive in the years to come.

Why is pruning important?

Managing pruning long-term ensures your trees continue to provide aesthetic value and proper function. Consistent winter tree maintenance can enhance the growth and beauty of the tree and pruning is a great way to do just that, while reducing the potential loss of limbs and protect the tree from disease.

We won’t dive into to much about winter pruning, as we have a whole blog post dedicated to this topic which you can view here.

Should I mulch in winter?

Yes you should! This is a vital winter tree maintenance tip that is key for the trees overall health. Mulch insulates the soil and the trees roots against extreme temperatures and slows down water loss from the soil. Adding mulch will retain moisture in the soul, reduces the summer soil temperatures, increases winter soil temperature and improves the soil nutrient so that your tree is still getting the vital nutrients needed to survive through this season.

Top tip: don’t pile mulch directly against the tree trunk, and only add a thin layer.

Consult a professional & remove at risk trees

One of our best winter tree maintenance tip is to consult the professionals to inspect your trees. Once the leaves have fallen during autumn, this provides a clearer view for spotting problems such as weak branches and insect damage. An arborist can help you determine the best solutions for your trees to prevent further damage.

Similarly, now is a good time to remove any damaged or diseased trees. Less foliage will make for a quicker and easier clean up job.

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